My Wish List

Dreams are dangerous. I know this from interviewing a dream therapist in Hampstead once. Almost as soon as I’d sat down, she asked what I’d been dreaming about.

Should I tell her the truth and risk being psychoanalysed or make something up and risk being caught in a lie? Dangerous, as I say…

I should be on safer ground if I simply list my dreams – not the ones I get when I’m asleep, but the ones that keep me going. As time passes, expectations become hopes, and hopes fade to dreams.

Happily, some of my dreams have already turned into reality, particularly in the sporting arena. England won the Rugby World Cup, Lancashire won the County Championship, both Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button won the Formula One drivers’ championship and England are now the world’s best cricket team. Whodathunkit?

On the other hand, one dream at least has turned into a nightmare: David Cameron’s record as the first Conservative Prime Minister for 13 years shows you should always be careful what you wish for!

This, then, is a kind of ‘bucket list’ of things I’d like to see before I die – except, of course, I have no control over any of them.¬†Fingers crossed…!

Entirely Possible

  • Andy Murray wins a Grand Slam tournament
  • England wins the Rugby World Cup again
  • Lee Westwood wins a major golf championship
  • Liverpool win the Champions League again
  • England win the world sevens league

Unlikely, but Possible if I Live to be 100

  • Great Britain wins the Olympic football tournament
  • Bath win the European Cup again
  • Liverpool win the FA Premier League again
  • A serve-and-volleyer wins the Wimbledon men’s championship again
  • FIFA introduce TV replays for controversial refereeing decisions
  • An English tennis player wins Wimbledon
  • England win the Rugby League World Cup
  • A GB athlete wins gold in the Olympic men’s 100m
  • The FA Premier League introduce a winter break
  • The Government introduces a flat tax

You’ve Gotta be Kidding, Mate!

  • We elect a libertarian government
  • The UK leaves the EU
  • Government taxation and spending fall below 30% of GDP
  • FIFA abolishes the offside rule
  • Protection for patents, copyrights and any other intellectual property is abolished
  • Great Britain top the Olympic medals table
  • England win the World Cup

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